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Here at Energy Industrial, we provide a wide range of Industrial Engines...

...including Air Cooled Diesel, Water Cooled Diesel & G-Drive Series Industrial Engines to suit your project needs or applications. We stock high quality Yanmar Industrial Engines at quality prices, so contact us today for a quote and our best price
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Energy Industrial stocks a wide range of Industrial Engines. These platforms are for sale in Darwin but can also be shipped nationwide.
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Yanmar - 6-23HP Industrial Engine Range

Yanmar - L48N 4.7HP Manual or Electric Start Industrial Engine

With direct fuel injection, combustion power acts directly on the toroidal piston crown, boosting energy, decreasing thermal losses. Extra high output creates the tough torque needed for heavy duty jobs. The high pressure Bosch pump, the hole-valve type injection nozzle, and the toroidal combustion crown add up to the improved combustion formula for better firing and complete burns.