Energy Industrial have a range of customized generator and de-watering pump packages to meet your needs. Apart from our quality off the shelf generator packages, we can tailor a package to meet specific requirements. The following may need to be included: site sound requirements, reduced fuel consumption, fit your hybrid power system or a particular configuration to give you commonality for operational purposes and spares.

Some of our custom builds are:

  •  Submersible pump generator 1.5kW, 2.2kW, 4.0kW or larger
  •  Prime power generators for camps
  •  Enclosed silenced generators
  •  Remote start generators for solar systems
  •  Generators with high capacity fuel tanks
  •  Generators without fuel tanks to plum into existing bulk fuel
  •  Telemetry systems for remote stop start of generator and submersible pump
  •  Trailer and skid mount de-watering pumps for mines
And if you are not sure if it can be done, just ask, we would be more than happy to customise a solution to suit your specific requirements.